Ariats Amarone reserve is produced from the four best precinctive and selective red grapes variety – Areni from Vayots Dzor region, Haghtanak, Kakhet and Karmrahyut from the Ararat valley. The wine is produced from air-withered grapes in accordance with the Italian winery Amarone wines technology – after harvesting, the grapes are dried in an aired room for 3 months and due to this technology the excessive humidity of the berries vanishes, thus intensifying the remaining extractive substances. The air-withered grape wine is distinguished with its high volume of alcohol, undiluted, intensified flavor and unique opulence.

The wine has a purple color and a dense brown shade. It is distinguished with its bright flavors of raisin grapes, tannins of well-balanced pleasant astringency of an aged oak tree, tastes of blackberry jam and prunes and a piquant vanilla chocolate aftertaste.

Alc. volume: 14.5%
Bottle size: 750ml
Fermentation temperature: 25ºC
Serving temperature: 18-22ºC
Aged in barrels made of long-standing Karabagh oak 2 years

Gastronomic recommendations: It is perfectly matched with a variety of savory cheese, stewed beef and mutton dishes, steaks and grilled game.