Ariats rose is produced from the precinctive Areni grape variety in Aghavnadzor vineyards of Vayots Dzor region. These grapes grow close to a cave where the world’s most ancient vineyard dating back to 6000 years has been discovered. The wine is produced in accordance with classical French rose technology i.e., the contact period of the squeezed juice with the skin is shortened to 6 – 12 hours.

The wine has an elegant pink color, a fresh aroma of field flowers, an exquisite, slightly sour flavor of berries intensified with rich raspberry colorings and its long-lasting aftertaste.

Alc. volume: 12%
Bottle size: 750ml
Fermentation temperature: 12-13ºC
Serving temperature: 8-12ºC

Gastronomic recommendations: It is a perfect aperitif and a refined complement to fresh fruit and dessert.